Who We Are & What We Do

Sembrando Esperanza, translated as Sowing Hope, was founded in 2021, but was a dream of ours (Alejandra and Austin) years prior. The mission of SE is to pour into the lives of students, teachers, and young adults through encouragement, workshops, and service. At our core, we live and teach the Christian faith. Ultimate and lasting change only comes from the support and influence of the Holy Spirit. Stemming from our Christian faith core, we believe every one can make positive impacts on the world. Through academic and life skill workshops, we help students and young adults to grow in skills that affect their day to day lives. 

Put simply, we envision students thriving, not just surviving, in all aspects of life. 

We dream of students who are alive and knowledgeable in their faith and who are making positive impacts for the betterment of their family and communities through their work and service.


Meet the Team

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Austin and Alejandra Hudson



Sullivan Owens

Vice President


Thomas Hein


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Michael Kenny