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January 2022 Update!

Good morning SE Family! We hope you are all doing well and the new year has been starting off strong. We have been extremely busy this month and want to share what has been happening so far for us!

  1. TOEFL workshops have begun! (See our photos at the bottom)

TOEFL is one of the most common exams needed for international students to take if they want to study at a English speaking university. The TOEFL is also one of the most expensive exams as well. We are excited to be able to help students be able to prepare and study for this test. Our first workshop went great last Saturday. We had nine students and two volunteers. Our volunteers are fantastic! The month of January, we are focusing on reading skills. We will meet this upcoming Saturday to wrap up January. We are meeting twice a month to do TOEFL workshops for the next three months. Pray with us that we run them well and that they are helpful for the students.

  1. We are close to finalizing the Brilliant Future scholarships!

We reached our fundraising goal for our scholarship fund last December (THANKS TO YOU ALL) and are close to finalizing the application requirements! We will share the scholarship with you all once we have finalized the scholarship details here at the end of January. We are excited for this because not only does it help students with the first obstacle of college (college entrance and exam fees), but it will provide them with feedback on how to form better essays, stand out in a personal interview, and how to build a strong resume! Through this scholarship, we are helping students walk through the questions of what they want to do after school and what steps are needed to accomplish it. Pray with us that this scholarship and guidance helps students dare to dream and take chances to change the course of their family legacies.

  1. Looking for a place!

We have been on the fence about getting our own space because our last attempt did not go as planned. However, after much thought, discussion, and prayer, we have decided to keep our eyes open for places where we could rent to meet with students. The tricky part is getting an office space permit, but we are going to be open to God providing what we need, when we need it. Whether we are able to rent, or if our dream is made possible and we can build our own place, pray with us that we are patient on God’s timing and trust in goodness to provide exactly what we need.

We are excited for 2022 and hope you are as well! We are just getting started and cannot wait to see what God will do in us and thro

ugh us. We pray that you will join us for this new year and that you can help share what we are up to with your friends, family, and colleagues. We would love to connect if you have any questions! Shoot us an email at (Austin), (Ale), or a text at 515-771-5848 (Austin). Have a great week! Austin & Alejandra Hudson

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