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July & Mid-Year Update 2022!

Buen Dia SE Familia!

Ale and I hope you all are doing well! I (Austin) know we are a little late with our July newsletter, but we have some exciting news to share!

First off, we were able to finally award our Bright Future Scholars of Spring 2022! You already know a little bit about them, but thanks to you we were able to award just under $900.00!!! We are going to expand our openings for the scholarship for the fall so we can help even more students take the ACT, TOEFL, SAT, and other college entrance exams. It is so exciting to be a part of their academic journey and look forward to the continued growth they will have.

By supporting our mission, you are also a part of their story. Their successes are furthered by your prayers and financial donations.

Secondly, we have been praying for Sembrando’s next step in our new location. We moved to La Union, Lempira recently and is roughly three hours from where we used to live. La Union has different needs than La Esperanza. One area of need is supporting single mothers. Many families here consist of a single mother and her kid(s). There many factors to this ranging from the father leaving for the United States to mothers who are widowed. It has been a passion of Ale’s to support and empower women.

Due to the need, our first step is starting up Bible classes that will focus on motherhood and single mothers. Ale and her mom are going to lead this and will begin two weeks from today! We have many different visions where this can go, but at the core of whatever we do is sharing God’s love and hope.

Please pray for us as we continue learning how to best serve our community of La Union. Some ways to pray for us are:

  1. For God to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to the need that we can help serve.

  2. For the women’s Bible study to begin and have deep, long-lasting impacts on the lives of the women who come.

  3. For Sembrando to be able to be officially recognized as an NGO in Honduras. This will allow us to purchase land and to one day build like we have been dreaming since day 1!

  4. For my (Austin) time in the United States to be fruitful and all travel to be safe and smooth. Renewing a passport takes months, so I will be away getting this process done.

We are so thankful for your continued support. We are dreaming big, like really big and we hope you are dreaming right alongside us. We want to be able to provide opportunities to the community we are in. Through the relationships formed, we get opportunities to share God’s love and the Gospel. We cannot do this without your prayers and support.

Please, always reach out if you have any questions or comments for us. Or, if you simply want to connect and ask how we are, we welcome it!

God bless,

Austin & Alejandra Hudson

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