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Concrete Skate and Bike Park
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College Preparation Resources

Education is a big part of our mission at SE. We believe that the better we cultivate our minds, the better we can understand, apply, and make impact through our faith. We strive to provide resources for students in Honduras to help them understand the steps towards higher education.

Bright Future Scholarship

Finances are one of the most common barriers for many of the students we work with. The Bright Future Scholarship gives the chance for students who are interested in applying for universities but are unable to afford the entrance exams and fees. Check out what BFS is about and our past winners!

Bible Training

We want to equip those we interact with to better understand the Bible and how to apply it to their lives. Discerning what is true and false is crucial in the Christian faith. We utilize small group Bible studies and mentoring to develop a strong understanding on how to read and teach the Bible.


Our outreaches are currently changing as we moved to a new town. Although we do not have anything planned as of this moment, we are researching and looking for ways we can make long term impacts for the communities around us.