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Our Work In The Community

At Sow Hope, we believe in the strength of communities. Supporting the community means creating a network of care, where every individual can thrive and contribute. Join us in building a brighter, more connected world where the well-being of all is a shared responsibility.



Resources for classrooms

We desire to not just equip teachers with opportunities to grow professionally but to equip their classrooms with materials and resources to create memorable learning experiences. 


Gymnasium & Computer Lab Project

By far our biggest project to date, we are fundraising to upgrade a computer lab drastically and to erect a brand new gym in La Union, Lempira, Honduras. This project will not only impact the current students but generations of students to come and the community as a whole.

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Food Baskets

We recognize the immediate need for relief and food scarcity in many places around the world. We know we cannot help every single individual, but we strive to help provide aid where we have influence and accessibility to those in dire need of food and basic household supplies. 


Bible Studies

What we do at Sow Hope all stems from our response to God's love for us and His amazing grace towards us. Alejandra led a women's Bible study while living in La Union, and we are seeking for opportunities to be plugged in and possibly lead future Bible studies to share God's love story with humanity.



Children's Day

Honduras has a special holiday dedicated to the celebration of children. Although this is celebrated natioanlly, there are many communities who lack supplies or are so remote, their children do not get near the same celebrations as other communities. In 2022, we went big and celebrated a community near La Union that often gets overlooked. We look forward to more opportunities to do so in the future.

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