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Sembrando Esperanza
a non-profit built on love

Our Work In The Community


At Sembrando Esperanza, we firmly believe that through education, we have the power to touch the lives of not just individuals but entire families and communities. Our commitment to caring for children and youth extends beyond academics; it is a profound expression of God's love in action. We believe that by nurturing the potential within each young heart and mind, we are not only shaping brighter futures but also illuminating the path to God's boundless love.


As we invest in the education and well-being of the younger generation, we strive to create a ripple effect that transcends the classroom. Our actions are a testament to the love, compassion, and grace that God showers upon us all. When we care for children and youth, families and communities witness God's love tangibly reflected in our deeds. Through the bonds we forge and the opportunities we provide, we aim to be a beacon of hope, illuminating the understanding of God's unwavering love for every individual and the communities they belong to.


By nurturing the potential within each young heart and mind, we envision communities not just surviving but thriving, guided by the light of God's love. Together, we are sowing seeds of hope, nurturing faith, and fostering a deeper connection to God's love within us all.

En lo que estamos trabajando actualmente:

¡Recaudación de fondos para un gimnasio y un laboratorio de computación!

Estamos recaudando fondos para construir un gimnasio y financiar un laboratorio de computación en La Unión, Lempira, Honduras. Leer más al respectoaquí en nuestra página de donaciones de Givebutter
¡Cada donación será igualada hasta $30,000! ¡Podremos financiar estos proyectos si recaudamos $30,000! Únase a nosotros orando, dando y compartiendo nuestra misión.adelante con tus amigos!


Dirección postal: 

Sembrando Esperanza

5515 Vista Dr, Apt 114

West Des Moines, IA 50266


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