Bright Future Scholarship

Finances are one of the most common barriers for many of the students we work with. The Bright Future Scholarship gives the chance for students who are interested in applying for universities but are unable to afford the entrance exams and fees. Through this development, we help student with their interview and scholarship skill development. This scholarship is funded by donors like you giving to our non profit.

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BFS: The What, Who, and How?

What is the Bright Future Scholarship?

One of the main missions of Sembrando Esperanza is to help students transition to life after high school well. For students pursuing higher education, there are numerous challenges. The purpose of the Bright Future Scholarship is to help students pay for college application and entrance exam fees. 

The Bright Future Scholarship selects candidates who demonstrate exceptional writing skills, perform well in the in-person interview, and possess excellent character through a resume. Winners of this scholarship will be able to have up to $200 of college application and college exam fees covered depending on financial need and available funds. The Bright Future Scholarship may not be able to cover the full cost of the fees. 

Who is eligible for it?

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must be within two years of graduating from high school, or be planning on attending college within a year of applying.

What are the requirements to be selected?

Those seeking the Bright Future Scholarship must complete the following:

Part 1: Download and fill out the application form

  1. This may be printed and then scanned or filled out electronically.

Part 2: Write a 500-word essay to the following question: What makes you unique?

  1. Essays must be typed, font Times New Roman, size 12, 1 inch margins.

Part 3: Submit an updated resume.

Part 4: Complete an interview with a scholarship representative.

  1. Applicants will sign up for a time while filling out the application form. 

What are the responsibilities of the selected applicants?

Selected applicants are required to write a thank you letter within one month of being notified of winning the scholarship to donors. Instructions on this will be provided. 

When can I apply?

We aim to have two windows for applicants to apply for the Bright Future Scholarship, one in the spring and one in the fall. Please email us at the email address below for up to date details.