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Women's Ministry

Through Bible studies, developing support systems, and opportunities to apply what we learn through out studies through our Outreaches we empower women to grow in their faith. The goal is not just to receive, but to respond to the Gospel and God's love towards us in action to uplift, encourage, and empower the community to grow in their faith.

Bible Study

Studying Through the book of Romans

August 11, 2022

The women's Bible study is led by Alejandra and her mom, Deysi. Currently, they are meeting at their house and are studying through the book of Romans. Here is what Ale has said: 

"We meet every Wednesday and share a warm cup of coffee and yummy snacks while we learn more about God. We are studying the book of Romans. Yesterday, we read chapters 3 and 4. It has been such a blessing to get to study the Bible with women who desire to be more like Jesus. Our first meeting we had six people and [the next week] we had four more ladies join us. We have been hosting the meetings at my mom’s house and soon we will need a bigger place for our meetings. My mom and sisters have been super helpful taking turns to take care of children who come and join. We are thinking about buying a few toys and coloring books to keep them entertained while their moms are studying the Bible.”

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