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December 2022 Update!

Good morning SE Familia! It is hard to believe that we are already in December! We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season. During this season, we pray you are able to take time to spend with God and have Him reveal more and more how precious and impactful Christmas truly is. As our year begins to wrap up, we wanted to share with you what's been going on the last few weeks with Sembrando Esperanza. 1. The women's Bible studies have continued to make great impacts on those who are able to attend. We have witnessed lives changed and a hunger for God's word and truth grow week by week. 2. The school renovations are planned to get underway once school is out for the holidays. We will keep you all updated with its progress as it begins. We are so excited for this project. The director and teachers at the school are already thankful and are grateful to have a place to recharge and recenter themselves during the day.

3. We handed out the last food baskets from the extra funding from the Children's Day Outreach. Seeing the impact they had on those we were able to help, we are planning on giving out more during the Christmas season. Below is a picture of what our baskets will look like:

These baskets are a LARGE basket and consist of items more than just food. The cost of each basket will roughly be under $50. Each one will last the people we are helping for approximately two weeks. As we have seen the need for these baskets more and more, finding ways to meet these needs with sustainability and longevity has been on our mind. How can you help out this Christmas season? 1. Pray that God continues to guide and direct us to make the greatest impact possible with the resources we have available. 2. Consider giving through our donation page to help support the baskets we are planning on providing for those in need! The more donations the more we are able to help out. If we have more than enough donations, the abundance will go towards future projects such as providing school supplies for public school children in January/February! 3. Continue to pray that God blesses those we interact with. We pray that we are not only able to help their physical needs through material supplies or food, but we pray that each person comes to know Christ as their Lord and Savior; that each individual finds freedom, life, and complete joy in Christ. Thank you so much for your continued support. Muchisimas gracias! We cannot do what we do without your prayers and donations. We thank God for each of you because this is not just our doing, it is all of us. God is working through you just as much as He is working through us. Que Dios bendiga profundamente a su familia en esta Navidad!


Blessings, Alejandra + Austin Empowering to empower.

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