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February 2022 Update!

Buenos dias, SE Familia! We hope you all are doing well! Currently where we live, the weather is slowly starting to transition from cold (for us 😁) and windy to the warmer and very rainy season! We have a lot of exciting news to share and photos, at the bottom, to show you.

  1. TOEFL workshops are underway and going great! We have held 2 out of 8 workshops over the TOEFL test so far. We just wrapped up the reading portion, and now we are heading onto the listening part. Although many students are realizing they may be a bit behind, they have said it has been very helpful. We meet on Saturday mornings where Alejandra, myself, and our volunteers get two hours with the students. We have coffee, tea, and snacks that we share with each session. We are excited for the progress and are excited as this is only the beginning for SE being able to interact with students in our area.

  2. The Brilliant Future Scholarship has been FINALIZED! We have finished up the final details and requirements for our Brilliant Future Scholarship! This is incredibly exciting and cannot wait to share it with the students! Here are some key highlights:

    • Anyone within two years of graduating from high school or planning on attending college within a year are eligible to apply.

    • The candidates must fill out an application form, complete a 500-word essay, submit a resume, and take part of an in-person interview.

    • The scholarship goes helps cover college entrance fees and college exam fees with a maximum of $200 per selected candidate.

    • It is needs-based so candidates are not guaranteed the full $200 due to us wanting to help as many who truly need the help.

  1. We have new workshops scheduled! Not only do we have our TOEFL workshops underway, but we also have two new workshops we have added this spring:

    • How to build a good resume and stand out, and

    • How to ace an in person interview. We are extremely excited for what is happening and what is to come. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email Austin at or Alejandra at

Have a great week and go well! Austin and Alejandra

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