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May Update 2022!

Feliz semana SE Familia!

Good morning to each of you; we hope you all are doing well! We have a few life updates we want to share with you all and share some exciting news about the scholarship we have been able to provide, thanks to you!

In the last email, we mentioned that we would be moving to Ale’s hometown to be closer to her family during this challenging time. As we began packing for the move, we spent Semana Santa break (Honduras recognizes the Catholic church’s holidays) in La Union with her family. When we returned to our house in Yamaranguila to finish packing, we noticed something no one wanted to come back to: our house was robbed.

We were very shaken up because a robber(s) came into the house and went through our belongings. They took a few of our electronics and some of our clothes. We are thankful it wasn’t worse! We could have returned to an empty house and are grateful that did not happen.

We laugh now about it and think our messy house due to packing may have helped from them taking all of the valuables!

We laugh at it now, but the truth is that this year has been very challenging. We have a lot of significant decisions coming after this school year and would appreciate prayers through this difficult time.

On a bright note, we are sending out the scholarship documents and making them available today!

We know it has taken longer than anticipated, but we are excited that we can finally open up our Bright Future Scholarships! The setbacks from this year have greatly hindered our ability to work through the final details, but we are here and are sending it out after this email.

Email us back at if you are curious about the details or the process, and we will send you some information about it!

We are grateful for your support and prayers. We say it repeatedly, but we seriously cannot do what we do without you. Thank you foremost for your prayers in this very challenging time. It has been a rollercoaster ride. Going from a setback after setback has been discouraging, but we know God will work through all of this for His glory and our good.

Please pray:

  1. God gives us discernment for some big decisions we will have to make.

  2. Students take advantage of the scholarship and do their very best to fill out all the requirements.

  3. God continues to work through Sembrando Esperanza and opens doors for us in La Union, Lempira, Honduras, where we now live.

We hope you all have a great day and a wonderful week! Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any comments, questions, or if you want to connect!

Vaya bien,

Austin and Alejandra Hudson

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