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November Update 2022 and Beyond!

Buenos dias SE Familia! Esperamos se encuentren muy bien! <<We hope to find you well!>> We have been talking and planning and we wanted to share with you our plans for the next six months for SE. Now, we are writing this in pencil and not in pen. Plans can change and our first priority is to be open and willing to change/adjust to whatever we feel God is leading us to do. So although we have thought through these plans and ideas carefully, we are aware that they may change due to God making other opportunities arise.

We have attached a pdf of the powerpoint for the outlook for the next six months. Each outreach or activity has a short explanation along with it to give you a better idea of the what and why. You can also click on this link to the electronic powerpoint via Google Slides if you want to save some download space.

We cannot do what we do without your prayers and support. We have been blessed to have the majority of these plans already funded! We praise God for his provisions and for you taking action and joining us in the journey. No matter what we do through Sembrando, our goal is empowering to empower. We pray for these opportunities to encourage and help others so that they can go forward and do the same for people within their own spheres of interaction and influence. Through these relationships that form, we are able to reflect God's love towards them. Thank you for continuing to support SE in the ways you specifically do. Please, if you ever have any questions, comments, or ideas let us know! Have a wonderful Friday and go well!


Blessings, Alejandra + Austin Empowering to empower.

6 Month Outook.2022-2023
Download PDF • 213KB

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