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March 2022 Update!

Buenos dias SE Familia! Alejandra and I both hope you are all going well. It is crazy to believe that February is already over! These first two months have been nothing short but crazy for our family and us. For this reason, I want to share a little bit of an update on how we are doing.

This past month has been very challenging for us. Both sides of our families have experienced death and severe illness. Due to unexpected circumstances, I (Austin) flew back to be with my side, only to cut my visit short to fly back to be with Alejandra’s family. We ask you to continue to pray for us and both sides of our families. Thus, what we do at Sembrando Esperanza, our projects, and outreaches may be affected. Regardless of the situation, we remain firm in pursuing our mission of SE to help equip young adults with life skills to thrive, not just survive.

While life has been crazy, we have still had two workshops! The TOEFL workshops have been helpful according to the students who have attended thus far. We are now moving into the second half of the TOEFL test: speaking and writing.

While the TOEFL workshops are essential for students who want to study outside of Honduras, we loved having our resume-building workshop. This led many students to ask some excellent, hard questions about what they wanted to do going forward. These types of workshops get us excited because they go beyond a test and deal with their future in and out of schooling!

Lastly, we plan to make the Brilliant Future Scholarship application available for students to fill out this month! We are excited to see this next step as it is significant for us!

To close, we ask that you pray for us and with us. Pray for us that we remain firm in God’s calling over us, both in and outside of Sembrando. Pray for God’s grace and favor to be with us as we interact with more students and for his wisdom to guide our next steps.

Also, pray for God’s grace and truth to flood into every hurt, pain, and sorrow going on, both in the lives of our families to global events such as the anguish happening in Ukraine. Moments like these remind me that not only is there pain, suffering, and injustice happening throughout the world that we see (such as in Ukraine), but there are also even more than we realize.

In all things, we trust and take God at his Word and promises. He promises that he will never leave nor forsake us. Indeed, we will not escape pain and suffering; however, I firmly believe that God does not waste an ounce of the suffering we and others go through. Pray with us for His will to be done and for Him be the glory whether through life or death.

We hope you all have a great day and a wonderful week!

Vaya bien, Austin and Alejandra Hudson

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